ROTC Complex Phase I

Total Requested Amount: $ 7,000,000

The project will replace, renew, and upgrade existing ROTC facilities at UNM Main Campus. The project will fund the phase 1 development of an ROTC Complex allowing for the strategic co-location of program facilities for the three ROTC programs, Navy, Army and Air Force. The project includes selective demolition of inadequate facilities that are beyond realistic renewal.

The ROTC programs train college students to be commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces while supporting their undergraduate education. UNM is the only higher education institution in New Mexico to host all three ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) programs, Navy, Army and Air Force. The three programs are currently housed in separate, inadequate, older buildings, which need to be upgraded or replaced to support 21st century students and education.

The three ROTC programs train college students to be commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces. ROTC programs serve and recruit student cadets and special non-cadets throughout their UNM undergraduate years from a variety of disciplines with emphasis on the STEM degrees. All ROTC students are required to attain a minor in Military Science/Studies as a part of their program. Each program has different classifications or organization structure for each of the four levels (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) in school. Once a student is recruited, they become part of a cohort team. The students are trained together, study together and work together to accomplish their goals. The programs offer cadet services to UNM registered students, dual enrolled students and students registered at other state institutions. On average ROTC Air force serves 80, Army 110 and Navy 80 cadets annually.

Currently the three ROTC units are housed on UNM’s main campus in separate buildings constructed in the early 1930’s and 1940s. The buildings lack the basic infrastructure to support modern technologies, do not meet ADA bathroom fixture requirements, and lack proper facilities for women. Cramped and antiquated spaces do not provide students with appropriate team building training and study areas vital to the programs core instructional/training requirements that students move through during their UNM undergraduate education as a cohort. The ROTC facilities are home for the cadets’ and midshipmen where they develop the cohort and leadership skills to become officers. Each cohort encourages and supports each other in their education and training to be successful which has positive effects on the cadets’/midshipmen graduation rates as high as 95% and GPA averages as high as 3.54.

UNM, as a minority serving institution is allotted additional numbers of ROTC scholarships to help relieve the financial burden of a college education while recruiting New Mexicans, often first generation college students. Each branch offers high levels of national scholarships including funds for tuition (full as well as assistance tuition), textbooks, stipends and housing. In addition to National ROTC college recruitment campaigns, UNM’s Navy, Army and Air force ROTC units have active university recruitment initiatives, sponsoring events at New Mexico high schools and participating in college fairs and public events throughout the state.

ROTC offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of ways. The program of instruction challenges students in both indoor and outdoor settings; cadets participate in classroom instruction while also engaging in world class physical fitness training, land navigation, marksmanship, rappelling, and other military activities. Cadets/midshipmen learn management and leadership skills not available in other university programs. ROTC contributes to a variety of job skills applicable to any profession, career or job, while instilling in each cadet/midshipmen a sense of confidence, discipline, and personal responsibility. Moreover, each Cadet/midshipmen gains the satisfaction of being part of a select group of great Americans dedicated to American values and service to the Nation.

The facility renewal and rebuild project will build on these established educational strengths by providing ROTC students with educational and training support spaces and a proper facilities reinforcing ROTC’s Army, Navy and Air Force proud identities.

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