UNM Dental Residency Education Facilities


In a commitment to the citizens of New Mexico, the UNM Division of Dental Services developed a one year postdoctoral Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency in July 2004. The UNM AEGD Program provides the best possible educational, clinical, and scientific environment for dental graduates to further their education through the provision of advanced level of comprehensive oral health care. This program considers the needs of communities, including medically compromised and special needs populations to further expand the knowledge base of recent graduates.

The funding in Bond C will be used to plan, design, construct, equip and furnish facilities for this dental residency program statewide.

The residency program has many unique features making it a hybrid between an AEGD residency and a GDR. The majority of patient care takes place at UNM’s Northeast Heights Dental Practice facility away from the medical center that has the look and feel of a private dental practice. On the other hand, residents experience aspects of hospital dentistry through inpatient hospital consultations, coverage of the emergency room, and treating dental patients in the operating room.