Taos Branch: Safety and Security Improvements

UNM Taos Campus

Project Description

The University of New Mexico’s Taos branch Klauer Campus Master planned site development includes a fire and safety roadway with associated drainage and parking lot realignment & improvements.

Currently, Klauer Campus houses the majority of programs and support services - students, staff and faculty – with limited parking areas and only one access and egress roadway.

The conditions of the existing south parking area require extensive repairs, lighting and security cameras. This parking serves the Pueblo Hall building which houses half of the campus programs including classrooms and faculty offices. The pedestrian and accessible access in this area must be improved with safe crosswalks, adequate accessible ramps and well-designed sidewalks.

The project will provide additional parking adjacent to the western side of the Pueblo Hall Building, the IT services and Facilities Management offices, service vehicles, and proper access to the Astronomy class lab observation area.

Roadway improvements will provide safe pedestrian crosswalks, speed controls, corrected site lines and drive lines to parking lots. All pedestrian routes will be updated providing adequate ADA compliant routes from car to class.

The project will upgrade the UNM-Taos Klauer campus site roadway, providing adequate parking areas with pedestrian accessibility to the buildings and an alternative evacuation route (campus Loop) for emergency service vehicles.

In 1993 when the Klauer family donated 80 acres for the development of the Taos campus the first and subsequent master plans determined that a loop road was necessary to connect the campus to safety services accessed off county Road 110. The current UNM Master Plan is linked to UNM Taos Safety and Security assessments and requires the road be developed to protect students and facilities in the event of fire, security threats and other natural or manmade disasters.

The loop road will provide an alternative emergency vehicle access route and safe evacuation routes linking the campus to County Road 110.

The project will also upgrade parking lots providing needed safe access to campus classroom buildings.  Current parking areas are inadequate without ADA and clear access with sidewalks and cross walks to and from the parking lots.  Graded parking lots demand engineered drainage and snow removal areas that do not obstruct student pathways to and from their cars.  Secure campus lighting at crosswalks parking lots and roadway will be installed.  The addition of a bus drop and pick up adjacent to classrooms is also included.

Total requested amount: $2,000,000