Los Alamos Branch: Work Force Development Career Technical Education Classroom Renovations

Project Description

Renew, replace, upgrade and equip space dedicated to Workforce Development /Career Technical Education programs, including class labs with related STEM labs, and program support space and infrastructure to address the current workforce needs in Los Alamos. The project is designed to develop, renew, replace and upgrade existing space to be dedicated to Workforce Development /Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. The project will develop educational training facilities including class labs specifically required to meet specialized training demand from LANL, N3B, and other area employers.

Class labs and support space will be designed and developed as training facilities for key programs related to the mission of the Los Alamos National Lab and related organizations including programs related to the plutonium initiates and for the radiation control technician programs. UNM Los Alamos will re-purpose training rooms to provide simulation equipment and facilitate training to develop a qualified workforce with specified hands-on use of equipment related to identified workforce needs related to plutonium PIT production and related technicians.

UNM Los Alamos is actively building partnerships with Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), N3B, and other key employers in the community.  The Workforce Development Career Technical Education classroom renovations will provide new training facilities for key LANL initiatives and workforce needs. Classroom labs will be designed to simulate plutonium PIT production and various radiation control scenarios.

UNM Los Alamos will re-purpose training rooms to provide simulation equipment and training for a LANL ready to workforce with specified hands on use of mock radiation materials and plutonium PIT production equipment.

UNM Los Alamos is working with LANL and others to identify key workforce needs and secure training center contracts and partnerships that will provide local jobs with the labs well into the future.

Total requested amount: $1,700,000