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Fred Peralta Hall was constructed on UNM Taos Klauer campus in 1996 to support art education in northern New Mexico. Generally, the facility is in good condition, but many of the systems are beyond their expected service life. The 11,600 gross square foot (GSF) building currently provides woodworking, drawing, painting, jewelry and small metal construction, ceramics and sculpture labs supporting the offered curricula. Currently these programs are taught in a combination of off-site and on-campus facilities, in adapted spaces, which are not appropriately fitted for these specialized class labs.   

This project will include improvements to Fred Peralta Hall, last renovated in 2002, including upgrading classrooms/labs for art programs, expanded teaching capabilities, upgrade HVAC and fire protection systems, and outside upgrades, such as safety lighting and signage with an overall goal to increase enrollments in career technical programs. The benefits will be improved indoor comfort, air quality, and lighting quality while reducing energy usage and consumption. 

Currently, the HVAC systems require an update and upgrade to support the UNM's Building Automation and Control Systems. The fire alarm and detection system are beyond its recommended useful life. The facility requires the installation of a Fire Suppression system to provide proper Life Safety protection. The need for ADA compliance updates is required to meet current regulations. Due to the new programmatic needs, the building requires upgrades to the IT systems, cabling, and classroom/lab technology. 


Fred Peralta Hall is the oldest building on the UNM-Taos campus as all the other buildings have had recent upgrades, renovations, and remodels. The upgrade of the systems in Fred Peralta Hall will benefit the campus facilities operations - providing cleaner and energy efficient systems to sustain the activities the programs require. With the addition of the Building Automation System connected to the Main Campus system, monitoring and alarming of equipment failures help identify maintenance needs and provides a more focused effort for the maintenance staff. 

Total GO Bond Request: $3 million 




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