UNM-Gallup Gurley Hall Improvements

 A render depicting the proposed upgrades for Gurley Hall


The objectives of the renovations inside and outside of Gurley Hall are designed to improve the use of space, the quality of space, and proximity of spaces by increasing natural light. These improvements will create spaces for students to study, gather, and eat, and improve the student experience in accessing all the services UNM - Gallup offers. 

Interior renovations will include: 

  • Interior shell repairs (floors, ceilings, walls, and signage) and HVAC, cooling, heating, electrical, and plumbing system repairs identified in the facility assessment in 2019. 
  • Adding a learning stair and bridge in the main lobby that provides gathering spaces for students, faculty, and staff and improves connections between student services and administrative offices. 
  • Adding a stair connection between the basement and the first floor that lets natural light into the basement and makes existing space more usable. 
  • Adding break-out spaces for students along the southeast side of the main lobby and below the new learning stair. 
  • Replacing railings on the second story and dropped ceiling to allow more natural light in. 
  • Renovating the southwest side of the second floor, including adding new windows to the main entry facade to provide a more welcoming student-oriented collaborative space. 
  • Renovating the cramped food service area (Academy Kitchen) with new skylights, an expanded kitchen layout, equipment upgrades, and seating areas. 
  • Assessment and potential relocation of programs in Gurley Hall to ensure space is optimized and programs are in proximity to each other for maximum student benefit. 

Exterior renovations will include: 

  • Exterior shell and grounds repairs (doors, windows, skylights, and grounds' wall, and structural) identified in the facility assessment in 2019. 
  • Improving circulation and wayfinding at Gurley Hall entrance to facilitate access and safety. 
  • Construction of a shade structure that connects Gurley Hall to financial aid and other student services. 


This project will transform Gurley Hall into a safe and welcoming space to aid student success. It is critical in UNM - Gallup's attraction and retention of students and can motivate students to graduate. Gurley Hall is the front door to campus; this renovation will provide formal and informal spaces for students to study, gather, eat, and get assistance. It will provide students with access to administrative assistance, comfortable and safe places to study, work on group projects, and meet faculty and other students. UNM - Gallup's student support offices are actively engaged in connecting students to services and resources necessary for success.  


Total GO Bond Request: $3 million 

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Important Dates

  • Absentee Voting Begins: 
    Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022 
  • Early Voting: 
    Saturday, Oct. 22 - Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022
  • Election Day:
    Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022